Dr. Earth Super Natural Lawn Fertilizer

This all natural organic lawn food is a superior blend of fish meal, fish bone meal, feather meal, potassium sulfate, alfalfa meal, calcium sulphate, seaweed extract, micorrhizae and beneficial soil microbes.

But what does all that mean? It means that this is a wonderful fertilizer. It promotes a hardy root system thereby adding life to your lawn. It also controls thatch build up. Best of all, it contains Mychorriza which grows in your soil, greatly enhancing the quality of the soil that your lawn grows in. Healthy soil = Healthy lawn.




Here are a few benefits to Dr. Earth Super Natural Lawn Fertilizer…

  • Controls thatch build up by digesting thatch (the organic debris layer produced by grass roots, stolons, and blades). This layer is located between the vegetative layer and the soil layer.
  • Adds life to lawns by providing a broad spectrum of beneficial soil microbes plus three Micorrhizae strains. This ensures nutrients are made available to the grass roots more effectively and at a steady rate, even under stressful conditions (such as drought, low nutrient availability, poor soil structure, etc.)
  • Promotes a hardy root system in two ways. First, it stimulates roots to grow deeper in the soil to absorb the organic nutrients made available by Super Natural. Second, Micorrhizae develop a symbiotic relationship with the grass roots causing the root system to expand tremendously. With an expanded root system, more nutrients and moisture are available.
  • Fast results, plus continuous feeding for up to three months.
  • 100% natural and organic.
  • People and pet safe.
  • Safe for use on newly seeded lawns, newly laid sod lawns, cool season grasses, warm season grasses, and St. Augustine Fescue Blue.