At Branches we carry only the highest quality soils and amendments. These are all products that we use in our own gardens and landscapes with exceptional results. You will never be disappointed when you choose one of the following for your garden project.



All of these products are natural and organic.



Planting Mix



This all-purpose soil amendment or direct planting medium is blended of all-natural composted ingredients including peat moss, earthworm castings, chicken manure, bat guano & kelp meal.



It is excellent for direct planting in garden soil, raised beds or for mulching and is a favorite for bare-root planting.



Available sizes – 2.0 cubic feet


Harvest Supreme



This premium soil amendment is made of organic, long-lasting ingredients including chicken manure, bat guano & kelp meal which blend together to make an excellent fortified natural soil amendment for all vegetable & flower gardens.



Helps break up clay soils & improves soil drainage.



Formulated to provide abundant plant nutrients, improve physical soil structure & help balance pH when mixed with existing garden soil.



A must have for every vegetable gardener.


Available Sizes – 2.0 cubic feet


Soil Building Compost


Soil Building Compost is a mix of organic, long-lasting ingredients including chicken manure, bat guano & kelp meal making an excellent fortified natural soil amendment.



Helps break up clay soils, improves drainage, promotes healthy root growth & adds valuable micro-nutrients to the soil.


Great for bare root planting, mulching & seed top-dressing for new or existing lawns.


Available Sizes – 1.5 & 3.0 cubic feet


Rose and Flower Planting Mix



This planting mix is specially formulated for all types of roses, to promote abundant blooms & long life.

All-organic, long-lasting ingredients increase moisture retention & promote drainage for healthy roots.



Ideal for planting roses, flowers & blooming shrubs.


Available Sizes – 12 quart & 1.5 cubic feet



Acid Planting Mix



This planting mix is specifically designed for acid loving plants such as maples, camellias, rhododendrons, evergreens, blueberries, strawberries and many other northwest plants.



It is an all-purpose, all-natural, all-organic garden soil that contains long-lasting ingredients including chicken manure, bat guano, worm castings & kelp meal.



Along with its benefits for acid loving plants, it also improves soil drainage, increases moisture retention & loosens hard clay soils



Suitable for seed top-dressing for new or existing lawns, bare-root or new planting, soil amending & mulching.


Available Sizes – 2.0 Cubic Feet


Potting Soil



As its name implies, this is an excellent organic potting soil. It has long-lasting ingredients including chicken manure, peat moss, worm castings & kelp meal and also is designed as a lighter mix specifically for pots.



It is perfectly balanced with essential plant nutrients & special water-saving formula features for excellent growth.



Gardner and Bloome potting soil is ideal for all indoor & outdoor potting, container planting, raised bed applications & is an excellent addition to existing garden soil.


Available Sizes – 1.0 & 2.0 cubic feet


Premium Chicken Fertilizer



This all-purpose manure-based compost is made for any outdoor gardening project. It provides abundant nutrients & helps improve physical soil structure.



A unique product with performance superior to “traditional” manure products, it will not burn when applied as directed on package instructions.



Use Premium Chicken Fertilizer to elevate soil fertility at time of planting, as a soil amendment, as a side dressing, or as a top dressing for lawn seed.


Available Sizes – 1.5 Cubic Feet