At Branches we carry the best varieties of fruit trees for our pacific northwest climate. Our best selection of fruit tree varieties can be found in February and the most popular varieties always go fast. We offer special order fruit trees through the SOFT program and also offer bareroot fruit trees at appropriate times. Stop by Branches to find out the current selection of trees and to get all your fruit tree supplies.

Apple Varieties

  • Fuji – This sweet, very crisp and flavorful apple keeps extremely well. Ripens in mid September and is an excellent pollenizer for other apple varieties.
  • Gala
  • Honeycrisp – Fruit is crisp, juicy and sweet with an aromatic flavor. Striped red over yellow color. This apple is one of the best for eating fresh but also is great for dessert, baking, or salads. Pollenizer required.
  • Jonagold
  • 3 way combination - Fuji / Gala / Mutsu
  • 4 way combination - Fuji / Gala / Mutsu / Jonagold
  • 4 way combination - Anna / Fuji / Gordon / Dorsett Golden

Pear Varieties

  • Asian pear - 20th Century
  • Asian pear - Shinseiki
  • 4 way pear - Harrow / Blakes Pride / Kieffer / Warren
  • 3 way Asian pear - Hosui / Shinseiki / 20th Century
  • 4 way Asian pear - Hosui / Shinseiki / 20th Century / Shojuro

Cherry Varieties

  • Bing – This large, sweet cherry is nearly black when ripe and has superb flavor. It is the most popular cherry variety. Pollenizer required.
  • Rainier
  • Royal Ann
  • Utah Giant
  • North Star Tart Cherry
  • 2 way - Bing / Van
  • 4 way - Bing / Van / Utah Giant / Rainier


Other Fruit Trees (Plum/Prune/Peach/Apricot)

  • Chicago Hardy Fig – Purple brown fig with great flavor. This fig can die back to the ground in winter and return to fruit the following season.
  • Brown Turkey Fig
  • Olympian Fig
  • Italian Plum
  • Beauty Plum – Sweet plum with red over yellow skin. Does not need a pollenizer.
  • Frost Peach – This delicious yellow freestone is heavy bearing and excellent for canning or eating fresh. Showy pink blooms in spring. Does not require a pollenizer.
  • Fuyu Jiro Persimmon


  • Fruit Salad – July Alberta peach, Babcock peach, Fantasia nectarine, Santa Rosa plum and Bienheim apricot on one tree!