At Branches, we are always looking for the best resources for gardeners. In our increasingly digital world that includes a lot of great websites.


Here are a few websites that we find useful.


Perrenial Gardens – This website has tons of useful information on just about any perennial you could think of.


Dr. Earth – Dr. Earth is a leader in organic gardening soils and fertilizers. Find out information on all of the products and helpful tips and ideas for organic gardening at their website. (We carry the full line of Dr. Earth products.)


Dave Wilson Nursery – Dave Wilson Nursery is a leader in fruit tree development and is our partner in the SOFT program (Special Order Fruit Tree). Find a wealth of information on growing fruit trees in your own backyard, no matter the size, at this informative website.


WSU Extension Master Gardener Program


Plant Amnesty


Gardening With Cisco


Ed Hume


If you have a website that you enjoy, but you don’t see it listed here, send us an email. We would love to see what we have been missing and share it with others.