Perennials are a great value for the garden providing beauty year after year. They are the show stoppers of summer and come in all shapes, sizes and colors. New perennials arrive several times each week so there are always new plants to find.


General Information

A perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years.


Perennials traditionally grow and bloom over the spring and summer and then die back every autumn and winter. They then return in the spring from their root-stock rather than seeding themselves as an annual plant does. These are known as herbaceous perennials. In the pacific northwest there are a few plants which are considered perennials in their native habitat but are treated as annuals in our climate and planted each year.


Perennials are classified into hardiness zones. This defines a plant by its ability to withstand the minimum temperature of a zone.  The USDA has defined 11 plant hardiness zones. Most homes in the Pacific Northwest fall in zones 5-8. It is important when purchasing a plant to make sure that it will withstand the lowest temperatures of your zone. Ask a Branches staff member for help determining what zone your home falls into.

Washington State Hardiness Zone Map