Welcome To My Garden

Over the years, many of you have expressed a desire to see the gardens of many of the Branches staff. In Welcome To My Garden, we will give you a peak into our gardens with both its successes and failures. Enjoy!


Steve's Garden (Branches Owner)


One of the things that I love in a good garden is contrast. This Dappled Willow (picture below), with it's light pink, white and green, brings a great contrast to the darker shrubs and trees behind. You can also see to the back right a bird cage that we built as a rustic focal point. At times we have kept doves in the cage (their cooing brings beautiful music to the yard) but the racoons have not always cooperated with my intent to keep birds.


Outdoor ceramic pots allow me to have a great focal point in a tough spot (a walkway corner). I adjust what is in the pots as the year passes so that they look great in every season (I will post a fall picture later in the year.)



One of my favorite grasses is Japanese Forest Grass. This beautiful grass is very forgiving and has a very gentle, graceful habit. I have several places where I enjoy the golds and light greens of forest grass in my landscape.