In the battle against bad bugs and the challenge to provide a healthy and nutritious environments for your plants everyone needs some Garden Super Heroes to save the day. 

Beneficial Nematodes are natural allies in preventing garden destruction from more than 230 kinds of soil-dwelling and wood-boring pests.  These microscopic ‘good guys’ hunt down, penetrate and kill cutworms, corn root worms, strawberry weevils, gypsy moth larvae, cabbage root maggots, white grubs, and many more.   They are safe for people, pets and the environment.  A package of 7 million active units will remain active in your garden for  up to 2 years. 

Green Lacewings would love to live in your pesticide free garden, reproducing generation after generation to doing their magic.  The small larvae of the Lacewing can eat and destroy up to 1000 aphids, mites, mealy bugs, and other soft-bodied insects in a single day. 

Ladybugs are featured on clothing, party supplies, garden décor and banners and much more.  These colorful insects add color and life to your garden.  But don’t be fooled.  These little darlings are a ‘killing machine’ when it comes to destroying aphids, mealy bugs, leaf hoppers, and many other garden pests. 

Eisenia Fetida or Red Wriggler Earth Worms are not predators but they are one of my favorite garden heroes.  These little red wonders will eat the soil in your garden and cast it back with 5 times more nitrogen, 1.5 times more calcium, 3 times more magnesium, 7 times more phosphates, 11 times more potash and 40% more humus.     Their endless journey through your garden leave behind a vast network of nutrition-lined tunnels providing invaluable air spaces.  This provides room for roots to grow and water to flow freely through the soil and to the plants. 

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