Here you will find reviews on products or plants that we come accross at Branches. We are constantly looking for the best tools, products, and plants for our customers and that means checking out a lot of different products throughout the year. If you have an idea for a product you want us to try, send us an email. Now, on to the reviews...


#1 Frost Cloth 
Sometimes during our unstable spring and fall weather there are plants in our gardens that could use some protection from frosty nights.  In late February we had snow and some very cold nights.  The picture below showes two Daphne.  Both were in our greenhouse.  We covered several tables with "Frost Cloth" but one plant got left to the side.  As you can see, FROST CLOTH WORKS, providing 6 to 8 degrees of protection.  It is available in 'bags' to slip over shrubs, planters or small trees and also in sheets for larger areas.  It works!

Frost Cloth Experiment