A beautiful garden should appeal to all the senses.   We know that it includes sight and smell (beautiful flowers or a sweet smelling rose), but it also should include our sense of hearing. 

The soft sounds of moving water, a wind chime, or birds singing add a great deal to your enjoyment and relaxation in the garden.  Let’s look at a few options…

Fountains give the sense of a distant stream or babbling brook while also having the effect of helping us feel cooler. There is something psychological in the sounds of running water.  The size of fountain does not matter as these effects can be hand in even the smallest water feature.

A wind chime can bring refreshment with just a gentle breeze.  Wind chimes can be soft or dramatic, spiritual and soothing. They can also bring a tropical feeling to the garden depending on the style. If you have had bad experiences with loud clanging wind chimes in the past, don’t worry. A quality wind chime should be tuned, bringing a gentle harmony rather than a dissonant noise.

Don’t forget about the ‘garden choir’.  Our many northwest native birds are always in a good mood, especially in the early mornings.  Their positive attitude can be contagious.  You can encourage them to sing in your garden by providing shelter, housing, water and food. 

Just remember that no garden is complete without music.